Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Cyber Risk


One of the consequences of progress in technology is creating new cyber risk such as the new trend  of BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) in the business environment.   Surveys show 61% of companies have employees using personal devices, 51% of employees said if they were not allowed to use devices, they would use them anyways. *   On the plus side using personal devices may increase productivity because employees use the tools they are used to and like.

There is simply no way to ignore the trend of BYOD.  However, 33% of companies that allow devices do nothing to control them. Companies must acknowledge that devices will be used whether they like it or not and proactively manage the related cyber risk.


BYOD creates a privacy security breach risk.  There will likely be confidential information on the device that if lost or stolen that information can also be stolen.  Also the device may have an access portal to the corporate system with login and passwords.   This opens the possibility that an unauthorized person can access the system and steal private and confidential information or make cyber threats.


How to control BYOD?

1) Have a way for employees to share information in a protected environment.  There are a number of mobile device management systems that can deal with this.  Using Dropbox or icloud is not secure method.

2) Make sure that employees’ personal devices are password protected.

3) Have the ability to remotely wipe a device.

4) Have a written corporate policy the employees agree to.

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